Movie Review #20 War Horse

War-Horse.jpgJoey goes through a series of owners and we get emotionally involved every time he leaves one. From first owner, to a soldier’s cavalry, to two brother’s escape, to a little girl’s dream and so on. Most of its owners died but in the end he rejoins with his first owner who went to the war to find him. This war was one bloodshed of a war in the history of human kind which included the deaths of humans and animals such as the horses. Joey managed to push through many obstacles and defeated the odds to survive this war which thousands of other horses perished in. I enjoyed the cinematography and the beautiful shots from the different landscapes across Europe.

Movie Clip #20 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

In this clip from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, it gives us one of the most important lectures in life. Yes we all have to work and we are always busy but we need to find and moments in our life that will give it purpose. As the clips says travelling is one of them, yes you can admire of the a place watching pictures of it from your house but you can save up money and actually go there and live life to the fullest. Fill it with experiences you thought you would never have and cherish them because when you die you wont take your money or material things with you, you will take all those memories and experiences you had when you were alive.

Movie Quote #20 Maleficient


Maleficent is about the story from the villain’s side. It shows us this beautiful woman who gets betrayed and turns evil. But from the heroes side she has always been evil or her reason to be evil is not justifiable. In some film however we can see that villains have a soft side and might turn tot he good guys and this film tells us that with she too can be good like she once was.

Movie Review #19 Spirited Away

spirited-away-1_0.jpgI believe Spirited Away is one of the finest hand drawn animated films due to its immense detail to every little thing in every frame of the film. If they are outside you will see the ocean and maybe some trees moving in the same directions, its the little things that count. For me personally I watched it as a kid and i was freaked out but now that I’ve grown i can see why people enjoy the film so much. Its story is simple yet entertain for anyone from any age to comprehend. Possibly the main shot of the inn they are staying where it shows the ocean and the fishes moving in the water, the way the water moves and the ripples the fishes leave when they move are very impressive. The voice acting was superb and if you look at its cast some of them are very well know voice actors of their own.

Movie Clip #19 Deadpool

In this cene from the 2016 comedic superhero movie Deadpool we see the protagonist, limited on ammo,killing these gang members. It has a lot of comedic linesĀ some more vulgar than others but all around hilarious to what is suppose to be an action scene.

Movie Quote #19 Independence Day

hello-boys-he-s-back-well-almost-independence-day-s-randy-quaid-detained-in-custody-a-656027 (1).jpg

This quote by a sorta secondary character of the film is said when this man after his missiles malfunctioned and couldn’t fire to destroy the alien shit he decided to sacrifice himself to save humanity. While he is flying to the core of the ship his finals words were: “Hello boys, I’m back!”.

Movie Review #18 Beauty and the Beast


The remake from the Disney classic beauty and the Beast brings to life the animated hit film almost shot for shot. I think the film was very well made from visual effects to its acting and singing. The only issue that I have with the film is the middle section. I think the transition in the Beast and Belle’s relation from friends to fall in love was too harsh and fast. It was to sudden for me one second they are friends the other they are in love with each other. The films cast is very good from Emma Watson to Ewan Mcgregor and Luke Evans.